Publication at the UEA Magazine

The economic and business magazine of the Unió empresarial Anoia has published a report about TC Carrique.

LA UEA Magazine is a magazine specialized in companies in the region of Anoia. The July issue of the magazine talks about how the COVID-19 crisis has affected companies in the region and how they have come together to deal with it.

In it you can find very interesting reports on the management of companies during and after confinement, the economic measures adopted, reports about companies and interesting news of the sector.

On page 14 they published a report about TC Carrique explaining:

  • Our trajectory as a metallurgical company in constant evolution and innovation
  • The acquisition of the new Axial hybrid folding machine.
  • The installation of solar panels.

In addition, on page 36, you can also see a press release on how we collaborated producing steel rods for the masks.

Clicking on the following link you can see the magazine: UEA Magazine



For more about the new Axial machine click here

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