Press braker Axial

New Press Brake Axial HSyncro-143

The company has expanded its machinery and has acquired the new hibrid Press Brake Axial HSyncro-143 model. The press brake has 140 tons of force and 3050 mm of total folding length. This folder is configured according to the different needs of the work to be done. Its rear limit is built with high precision mechanics, high travel speed and zero tolerance.

With this machine we will manufacture the pieces faster and precises thanks to its independent axes that allow corrections to be made automatically and on the tray with which larger parts can be moved faster. In addition, it includes several security systems for workers and is very quiet. The fact that it is hybrid allows the company to save between 30 and 40% of energy consumption, contributing to the environment.

It incorporates a very intuitive touch screen with Visitouch 19 numerical control that allows the calculation of the entire folding process in 2D and 3D mode. This system incorporates a powerful software that allows simulate the pieces before producing.

 TC Carrique facilities

This machine is added to the others that were already part of the TC Carrique facilities. The company has 3000m2 divided into 8 zones with the latest technology machinery. In the facilities there are clearly differentiated office areas, assembly of large products, the mechanical workshop, the warehouse, an area dedicated only to stainless steel, the packaging area and the machine area where we can highlight ICT welding machines, MIG i with points, polisher, presses, the Nukon fiber 2KW laser cutter, the FINNPOWER punching machine with loading and unloading and the folders, where we would find the new hybrid press braker.


Click on the following link to see the Axial Hybrid Press Brake working:

Hibrid Press Braker Axial


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