About us

Talleres Carrique is a company based at Vallbona d’Anoia acting as a subcontractor for metal products. We make everything from industrial barbecues to car parts, including furniture, mailboxes, planters, electrical panels for lifts, etc. All produced with materials such as stainless steel, copper, iron, and aluminium.
We work on demand, designing and developing our customers’ ideas or producing parts already defined by the customer. We also offer assembly, packaging and labelling services for products. The wide range of possibilities means our company moves is sectors as different as automotive and industrial electronics and even the renewable energy sector, producing streetlamps and projects related to solar and wind power.
The province of Barcelona is our main market and we have a strong presence in Anoia, Baix Llobregat and El Vallès.

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3,000 m2 devoted to metal

Our plant covers 3,000 m2 and is divided into eight zones. One contains offices, and, in the second, products of a certain size are packaged. The auxiliary mechanical workshop is in the third zone. Here we have auxiliary machinery used for maintaining moulds and the manufacturing machines themselves, as well as carrying out repair and maintenance for companies requiring our services. Then comes semi-manufactured materials, where half-processed parts are stored before their manufacture or assembly is completed.

We then come to the machine zone, where the versatility of the machines Talleres Carrique has available can be seen. Electric discharge welding, polishers, presses, a fibre laser cutting machine, a punching machine with automatic loading and unloading, and the bending zone, where we also have a robot feeder to load the parts. The stainless steel parts are worked on and kept in a neighbouring zone. They need a separate space because, during polishing, contact between iron and stainless steel can damage the stainless steel part and make it rust.

Another important zone contains the shrink-wrap line. Here we individually package each part, if the customer asks us to. We installed this machine because it is a way of minimising the need for boxes and isolating material. Finally comes the warehouse, where the finished products are kept, and where labelling is carried out if the customer asks for it.

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EXPERIENCE[/image_with_text][image_with_text image=”132″]PRODUCTION OF INDIVIDUAL PIECES[/image_with_text][image_with_text image=”131″]MACHINERY WITH THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY[/image_with_text][image_with_text image=”130″]WE DEVELOP THE WHOLE PRODUCTION PROCESS[/image_with_text][image_with_text image=”129″]WE DO CUSTOM JOBS FOR CLIENTS[/image_with_text][image_with_text image=”128″]FLEXIBILITY, VERSATILITY AND ORGANISATION[/image_with_text][image_with_text image=”127″]COMMITMENT TO
THE ENVIRONMENT[/image_with_text]


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This standard specifies the requirements for quality management systems to be used when the capacity of an organisation to provide compliant products and/or services needs to be demonstrated.

We seek to satisfy customers, meeting or going beyond their requirements, by applying the system, continuously improving it and preventing non-conformities. The aim of this international standard is that all requirements should be applicable.

Talleres Carrique, S.A has ISO certification in handling all kinds of sheet metal for pressing and CNC.


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